Qubika at Collision: Drive your business forward with our data and AI solutions

Here at one of the world’s leading tech conferences, we’ll be providing real-life examples of our work in data and AI - all based on our 18+ years of experience building tailored solutions for businesses across industries including finance, education, and healthcare.

Partner with us for advanced analytics, streamlined data pipelines, and insightful BI reports.  Explore our transformative GenAI and LLM services, machine learning, and computer vision solutions to gain a competitive edge.

  • Avant

    Success Stories

    Reinventing Avant with machine learning

    Avant, a Chicago-based frontrunner in the financial technology sector, has always recognized the potential of harnessing data-driven intelligence - they currently connect 3 million customers to $9 billion in loans and 1 million credit cards. Qubika is partnering with Avant to dive their sata and machine learning initiatives.

    Our work includes implementing new data pipelines, and using AI to drive innovation in key business areas, such as rapidly assessing a person’s credit worthiness.

    • Machine learning algorithms
    • Specialized data pipeline
    • Data visualization
  • Harvard

    Success Stories

    Creating a data platform & GenAI solution for a premier investment management firm

    Partnering with a leading investment management firm serving one of the world’s best known educational institutions, we empowered executives with unparalleled data access and analysis capabilities.

    By developing an LLM-powered chatbot that functions as a virtual Data Analyst, we delivered a 24/7 "on-demand analyst" solution. This innovation streamlines information retrieval and analysis, enabling data-driven decision-making at any time.

    • Data platform
    • LLM solution
    • Data pipelines and storage

Meet the team

If you’re attending Collision Summit or are in town, let’s connect! Our team will show you how our innovative data and AI solutions can help you achieve your business goals.

Want to make the most of your time? Schedule a meeting with us before, during, or after the event. Let's discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals with secure, scalable AI and data technologies.

Qubika has partnered with Uruguay XXI, and you can find us at their stand. Uruguay XXI is Uruguay’s investment and export promotion agency, actively working to position the country as the #1 hub for business and innovation in the region.

  • 17-20 June 2024
  • Toronto
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Marcelo and Elisabeth will be representing Qubika, ready to share the latest insights and answer your questions.

  • Marcelo Cordini

    Marcelo Cordini

    Chief Solutions Officer

    Marcelo Cordini is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, leveraging more than 18 years of experience to make significant contributions to top-funded startups, as well as large enterprise companies in the healthcare, fintech, and entertainment industries.

  • Elisabeth Bohlmann

    Elisabeth Bohlmann

    Managing Director

    With a rich 15-year leadership background in sales, operations, growth marketing, and account services, Elisabeth is a versatile cross-functional executive.

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  • We are SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified, and also an AWS Advanced Tier partner.

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