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Cutting-edge technologies and frameworks to deliver secure and efficient blockchain solutions

We specialize in crafting decentralized solutions that enhance strategic business value, promoting efficiency, security, and openness.

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Blockchain development

Our studio specializes in developing blockchain applications and solutions. This includes designing and implementing smart contracts, and building decentralized applications (dApps).

Representation of blockchain development services

Smart contract development

We excel in crafting smart contracts using languages like Solidity or similar languages for other blockchain platforms. Our team ensures that smart contracts are secure, efficient, and aligned with your requirements.


Blockchain integration

We integrate blockchain technology with existing systems or develop new systems that leverage blockchain capabilities. We connect databases or applications to blockchain networks, create APIs for interacting with blockchain platforms.


Security and auditing

We prioritize blockchain security to safeguard against vulnerabilities and potential attacks. Our team implements robust security measures, conducts thorough audits, and ensures compliance with relevant security standards.


Tokenization and cryptocurrency development

We design token economics, develop smart contracts for token issuance and management, and integrate tokens into your applications.

Representation of Qubika's tokenization and cryptocurrency development services

Blockchain testing and quality assurance

Our QA team performs rigorous testing on blockchain applications. We conduct functional testing, performance testing, and security testing to ensure your blockchain solution meets the highest quality standards.

Representation of blockchain testing and quality assurance

Blockchain infrastructure and deployment

We set up and manage the infrastructure required for running blockchain networks. This includes deploying nodes, configuring network parameters, and working with infrastructure providers. Our experts handle the deployment of smart contracts and dApps.


Monitoring and maintenance

We offer continuous monitoring and maintenance services for blockchain networks and applications. Our team ensures optimal system performance, applies updates and security patches, and promptly resolves any issues that may arise.

Monitoring and maintenance services for blockchain networks and applications.

Consulting services

Our team of experts offers strategic guidance, industry insights, and technical expertise to help navigate the complexities of blockchain technology. We provide tailored solutions, recommendations, and best practices.

Representation of blockchain consulting services

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