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We have been building top quality software products for over 15 years

  • Computer Vision

    Computer Vision

    How we’re using AI to build innovative applications

    Qubika stands at the forefront of computer vision technology. Explore how we harness the power of AI to develop groundbreaking products that revolutionize lives.

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  • Wearables Watches


    Driving the wearable revolution forward

    Dive into our curated case studies showcasing how Qubika is leading the way in wearable technology with specialized development services.

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  • Ripple

    How we integrated crypto exchanges and drove growth

    Discover how Ripple partnered with Qubika to meet customer demands, integrate crypto exchanges and expand into new markets.

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  • Celbrea Phones
    Celbrea Logo

    Creating an award-winning breast health monitoring system

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  • One Signal Screens
    One Signal Logo Background
    One Signal Logo

    How our collaboration spurred product diversification and rapid growth

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  • Tabula Rasa Phone
    Right Polygon
    Left Polygon
    Tabula Rasa Logo

    Explore how we reimagined the drug traceability process

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  • Brainfm Screens
    Brainfm Logo

    Bringing together UX/UI, mobile, desktop and web development services

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  • Shopify Phone
    Shopify Logo

    Transforming e-commerce with one of the world’s largest retailers

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