Our healthcare expertise

Our experienced team collaborates with leading healthcare organizations and innovative healthtech startups. We build powerful, secure digital experiences.

  • 18+

    18+ years of experience in healthcare.

  • 1/3

    Over ⅓ of our revenue comes from health, fitness, and wellness.

  • 5+

    Clients work with us on long-term, transformative engagements. Over 5 years is average.

  • #1

    We’ve been recognized as the#1 Health App developer by B2B research firm, Clutch.


We’re on a mission to improve the healthcare space

Qubika shares its experience and knowledge at renowned health tech, fitness and wearable events and podcasts.

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Highlights of our work

  • End-to-end 360 product design & management, including telehealth product development.

  • Established expertise in building user-centric apps & chatbots complying with regulations such as HIPAA.

  • Streamlined healthcare integrations, such as with insurance providers.

  • Proven experience in wearables and BLE connected devices.

Our Certifications


We are ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 certified as we work with some of our clients’ most sensitive data and systems. The dual certification approach not only mitigates legal and regulatory risks but also drives continuous improvement.


Qubika has driven the development of countless FDA-certified products and HIPAA-compliant solutions, ensuring top-quality, safe, and secure software in healthcare and medical fields.

  • Digital patient interaction & engagement

    Digital patient interaction & engagement

    • Digital patient experiences. Develop interfaces and platforms that improve and transform patient experiences across the digital touchpoints that people use to engage with healthcare providers.
    • Patient engagement platforms. Build platforms that significantly enhance patient engagement - such as with easy access to medical records and personalized health messaging.
    • Patient relationship management. Create and implement CRM-like systems tailored for healthcare to manage, analyze, and improve patient interactions.
    • Health design thinking and accessibility. Adopt health design thinking and accessibility frameworks to create patient-centric digital healthcare solutions.
  • mHealth & wearable tech

    mHealth & wearable tech

    • Mobile health applications/ mHealth. Create mobile apps that bring health-related services directly to people’s smartphones.
    • iOS & Android frameworks for health data. Utilize mobile development frameworks, in particular Apple Health and Google Fit.
    • Cutting-edge wearables. Build wearables that offer in-depth health metrics and data powered by BLE, WiFi, or NFC.
  • Virtual care platforms& remote care

    Virtual care platforms & remote care

    • Telehealth applications.  Enable medical professionals to provide top-notch remote services and seamlessly transition to virtual care.
    • Remote video & audio applications. Utilize advanced tools and technologies that make virtual patient visits a reality and ensure clear, uninterrupted communication between physicians and patients.
    • Medication management.  Leverage tools and platforms that streamline the tracking and management of medication - to improve accuracy and efficiency of medication administration.
  • GenAI & data

    GenAI & data

    • GenAI. Our experts are working with GenAI in areas ranging from data analysis to patient care, as well as in various other highly regulated industries such as finance.
    • Data and AI services in accordance with HIPAA. Benefit from our comprehensive solutions in data governance, ingestion, storage, ETL, machine learning, and AI services.
    • EHR and PHI data. Ensure the secure handling, storage, and transmission of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Protected Health Information (PHI) data.
  • Integration & interoperability

    Integration & interoperability

    • Medical device integration. Enable the smooth integration of medical devices with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other platforms.
    • Remote patient monitoring (RPM) integrations. Implement systems that integrate remote patient monitoring data with other healthcare systems, and drive improved patient outcomes.

What our healthcare and healthtech clients say about us


Meet with our team and discover our extended portfolio

  • Tabula Rasa

    Success Stories

    Advancing pharma with Tabula Rasa

    In response to stringent pharmaceutical regulations, Tabula Rasa Healthcare (TRHC) aims to improve drug traceability using a Chain of Custody (CofC) application for medication delivery monitoring.

    In partnership with Qubika TRHC combats challenges such as tight timelines and evolving drug specifications. With close collaboration between design and development teams, we achieved a successful product launch fostering enhanced pharmaceutical traceability.

  • CardieX

    Success Stories

    Award-winning 360 product development with CardieX

    Due to our proven experience in healthcare & connected devices, CardieX selected us as a 360 technology partner for their FDA-cleared, award-winning Pulse device.

    Working together, we brought the device to market, becoming the first dual blood pressure and arterial health monitor, targeted at the home health, remote patient monitoring, and decentralized clinical trial markets.

  • Catapult

    Success Stories

    How Catapult Health is transforming preventive & primary care

    Catapult Health is transforming the delivery of preventive and primary care through its Virtual Checkup, a fully integrated digital solution available through employers and health plans nationwide.

    During our long-term partnership, we’ve redesigned and developed their core telehealth product, built internal reporting tools, implemented automation, and are now working on new AI-driven initiatives.

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