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Firmware & IOT

Firmware development for IoT devices, embedded systems, and microcontrollers

We specialize in firmware customization, optimization, and debugging. Our expertise extends to firmware integration with software applications and cloud platforms.

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Expertise in microcontrollers

We’ve worked with microcontrollers from all the most popular vendors such as Espressif, Nordic, Microchip, STM and Texas Instruments, as well as a wide range of higher-end processor architectures such as ARM, RISC-V or Tensilica.

Representation of Qubika's expertise in microcontrollers

Firmware development and customization

We are proficient in Assembly, C and C++, the industry-standard languages for embedded systems. Additionally, we are skilled in languages such as Python and Java, which offer versatility and flexibility for firmware integration with software applications and cloud platforms.

Representation of Qubika's firmware development and customization services

Communication integration

Communication technologies are a crucial aspect of firmware development for IoT and wearable devices. Our team has experience in both wireless and wired communication technologies, including WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, NFC, cellular, ethernet, CAN, UART and more.


Application development

We collaborate closely with our App Solutions Studio to create not only firmware for the device but also the accompanying mobile applications. This approach ensures every aspect of your IoT product's software development is meticulously crafted and synchronized.


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