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Building modern financial services

Our expertise ranges from building core banking and payment systems to implementing robust security and fraud prevention measures, to ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

  • SOC 2
  • ISO 27001
  • Core banking modernization

    Core banking modernization

    • Omnichannel banking services. Our modern approach to building high quality digital solutions leads to seamless and consistent banking experiences. We map and optimize customer journeys.
    • Next-gen digital wallet solutions & payment gateways. Seamlessly integrate the most secure, scalable payment gateways to offer smooth transactions for your customers. We also have deep expertise in building bespoke digital wallet and contactless card solutions.
    • Scalable and secure architectures.  Adapt to growing customer bases and transaction volumes with systems that scale effortlessly. We focus on cloud-native infrastructures, including automated infrastructure provisioning with infrastructure-as-code.
  • BI, data and AI-driven banking

    BI, data and AI-driven banking

    • Data pipeline development. We specialize in crafting data pipelines, modernizing platforms, and seamlessly migrating systems. These data pipelines form the basis for providing everything from personalized banking experiences to AI-driven fraud detection.
    • Real-time analytics. Harness the power of instantaneous data analysis, enabling your organization to make swift, informed decisions – for example to drastically reduce operational costs.
    • GenAI implementation. Integrate Large Language Model (LLM) specialized modules to build the next generation of financial services. We build LLM agnostic solutions to ensure long-term sustainability and adaptability.
  • Open banking & API integrations

    Open banking & API integrations

    • Seamless BaaS platform integration. We specialize in integrating with banking-as-a-service platforms, providing options for modern banking functionality.
    • Integrations with credit bureau platforms. Integrations with credit bureau platforms. We have expertise integrating with some of the world’s best known credit bureaus.
    • Real-time transactional ledger consolidation. We empower decision-making with real-time consolidation of transactional ledgers, providing a comprehensive view for smarter, faster decisions.
    • Expertise in complex microservice architecture. Our experience in building microservice architecture integrations translates to robust, scalable solutions tailored to specific business needs.
  • Banking compliance and cybersecurity

    Banking compliance and cybersecurity

    • Streamlined compliance automation. Leveraging DevSecOps, we empower organizations to meet compliance and regulatory standards, with automation at the core.
    • Consistent and traceable CI/CD pipelines. We ensure consistency in deployment processes, with auditable trails that guarantee reliability and adherence to industry standards.
    • Design & architecture of systems for financial regulations. Our approach in designing and architecting systems is focused on a deep understanding of regulatory requirements.

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  • Avant

    Success Stories

    Reinventing Avant with machine learning

    Avant, a Chicago-based frontrunner in the financial technology sector, has always recognized the potential of harnessing data-driven intelligence - they currently connect 3 million customers to $9 billion in loans and 1 million credit cards. Qubika is partnering with Avant to drive their data and machine learning initiatives.

    Our work includes implementing new data pipelines, and using AI to drive innovation in key business areas, such as rapidly assessing a person’s credit worthiness.

  • One

    Success Stories

    ONE’s partnership with Qubika to become one of the world’s leading fintechs

    ONE's vision is to provide an all-in-one financial experience, offering debit cards, bank accounts, credit services, and a budgeting app in one easy-to-use platform. With over two million users, they are also being integrated into Walmart’s physical and digital channels.

    Our partnership spans across key business and technology areas, from building a powerful mobile experience to transforming the development lifecycle from ideation to delivery.

  • Experian

    Success Stories

    Building Experian’s core digital banking platform

    With clients in over 100 countries, and over 21,000 employees, Experian is at the forefront of global information and financial services.

    Experian is relying on Qubika’s data and financial expertise to build new financial services products at scale. This work involves massive scale integrations including banking-as-a-service integrations. We play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy, security, and efficiency of transactions.

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