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Transforming e-commerce with one of the world’s largest retailers

Over the past two decades, Shopify has led the e-commerce revolution, empowering nearly two million businesses in 175 countries to offer and sell products online.

In just a few seconds, through a quick, intuitive, and seamless process, anyone can set up an online store and connect with customers, integrating it with hundreds of services and optimizing it with thousands of apps.

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  • A powerful ecommerce mobile application
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The Challenge: Transforming the vision into a plan

Shopify is constantly developing new tools and solutions. Their objective is to provide their clients (merchants) the power to suggest and implement new innovative solutions and ideas while using their platform, with the objective of delivering a better service to all clients.

In this case, their vision was to create an app that makes it easier for merchants to communicate in a more effective manner.

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The Solution: Empowering communication with a cutting-edge tool

To bring their vision to life, Shopify made the strategic decision to partner with Qubika, marking one of their first collaborations with a development partner.

Right from the outset, the collaboration between Qubika and Shopify proved seamless and highly productive. With a shared Scrum management framework and agile software development principles, we collaborated to create Shopify Ping – a powerful app designed to revolutionize communication between merchants and their clients.

Shopify Ping serves as a centralized hub, streamlining client inquiries from various communication channels such as Messenger and Chatkit into a user-friendly interface. Merchants can now efficiently support their customers’ needs, sharing links, offers, and product descriptions effortlessly.

Beyond enhancing customer communication, Ping goes the extra mile by offering opportunities for increased efficiency. Acting essentially as a virtual employee, it assists merchants in optimizing marketing campaigns, boosting sales, and building brand awareness.

The successful launch of Ping in June 2018 marked a significant milestone. Our collaboration with Shopify didn’t stop there. We continued to work closely with their team, both on-site at their San Francisco office and remotely, to consistently add new features and further refine the app’s capabilities.

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