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November 28, 2022

Why our Quality Assurance Studio uses Zephyr

Read more about why are QA Studio uses Zephyr as one of their go-to QA tools.

Why our Quality Assurance Studio uses Zephyr

After reviewing many quality assurance (QA) tools options, earlier this year we decided to install Zephyr Scale on our Qubika Jira.

In this article I want to explain some of the reasons as to why our QA Studio chose Zephyr Scale and how it is helping our work with our clients.

What is Zephyr?

Zephyr Scale is a Jira plugin that allows for the creation, management, and execution of test cases. This helps organize QA work inside a project and make it visible to everyone on the team.

Here at Qubika we use Jira extensively for issue and project management – and for good reason. It’s an excellent tool for everything from team collaboration to tracking bugs and their resolution. The one thing that it’s really missing is effective test case management – and it’s here that Zephyr Scale comes into play. In particular it makes the collaboration between developers, quality assurance professionals, and project managers, much easier when handling different test cases.

What does Zephyr enable us to do?

Very simply, the answer is “organization and visibility”. The QA working on a project can link test cases to stories or tickets to make them visible to the whole team. They can also create “test cycles” (a group of test cases) to execute them in a detailed and organized way, and then get useful real-time reports on the execution progress and results. It also provides traceability, enabling the QA team to see the linkage right the way through from the initial requirements and the user story, through to the actual defect or bug.

Zephyr adds 34 different kinds of reports allowing for a more customized QA process and project quality follow-up. Also, Zephyr gives access to 21 dashboard gadgets to further customize the current project’s Jira dashboards.

Ultimately it enables us to provide a much more customized QA process to each of our clients, whilst executing test cycles in a highly organized manner.

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bruno pineiro

By Bruno Piñeiro

QA Studio Lead

Bruno Piñeiro is the QA Studio Lead at Qubika. With more than 6 years of experience in quality assurance he has set the guidelines, processes and quality standards in many Qubika projects. He manages the studio needs and enables its members to work in a proactive environment while maintaining quality standards.

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