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How we accelerate businesses’ AWS cloud journeys

Learn more about our Advanced Tier partnership with AWS.

Qubika's AWS Advanced Tier Partnership

As an Advanced Tier AWS partner, we understand the challenges businesses face in their cloud journeys and the importance of choosing the right approach and the right platform. That’s why we specialize in assisting companies in their transition to the cloud, specifically using Amazon Web Services (AWS). However, it’s important to note that we also work with other major platforms like GCP, as well as hybrid clouds.

Our process usually begins by building a strategic roadmap with our clients, based on their current situation and their desired outcome. This typically involves creating a cloud-based backend and a cloud delivery model.

Our expertise goes across the spectrum of AWS offerings and tools, including Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Container Service (ECS), Fargate, Lambda, and CloudFormation. This means we can recommend specific solutions depending on a businesses’ unique circumstances.

Qubika’s cloud services

Our services focus on four main elements of a typical enterprise cloud journey.

  • Cloud migration. Moving to the cloud provides numerous advantages, such as improved scalability and flexibility. We work with organizations in their migrations, in particular to AWS EC2 and the rest of the AWS platform.
  • Building end-to-end cloud architectures. We do this, for example, by using Terraform and AWS CloudFormation to provision and manage your AWS resources.
  • Auditing your cloud architecture. We’ll analyze your existing architecture and then build a roadmap to implement improvements. We’ll conduct an evaluation of your environment, development process, and culture, comparing it to industry best practices and our own expertise.
  • Additional as-a-service support. We’ll provide support for building and maintaining your technology infrastructure based on your guidelines – while also being supported by the embedded experience of the studio.

A cloud journey is not just about technology

Based on our experience with numerous globally recognized businesses, as well as more flexible, more nimble startups, we’ve come to recognize the importance of going beyond a purely technology-focused approach when migrating to and optimizing cloud environments. It’s not just about the technology, but also understanding everything from the business objectives to updating key processes.

We’ve seen how companies that are successful in their migrations also review and update their work practices. For example, this means having clear AWS development and release processes, alongside defined roles and responsibilities for managing and maintaining the infrastructure.

The value of Qubika’s Cloud, SRE, and Cybersecurity Studio

Our Cloud, SRE, and Cybersecurity Studio helps organizations accelerate their development cycles, drive efficiency, and increase reliability. To do this, we use a mixture of internally developed tools as well as those that are open source and commercially available. Qubika’s tools streamline the process of setting up cloud infrastructure for new clients by automating the process. Rather than taking a day and a half to manually set up the infrastructure and provision network instances, with our tools, we can do it in minutes.

So whether you’re looking to migrate to AWS EC2 or want to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of the AWS platform, you can discover more about our work at SRE, Cloud, & Cybersecurity Studio

juan andres zeni

By Juan Andrés Zeni

SRE Studio Manager

Juan Andres is the SRE Studio Lead at Qubika, where he works in the design and implementation of fault-tolerant, cost-efficient, and resilient architectures in the cloud for agile software projects.

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