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May 5, 2024

List of digital health, healthcare IT, & medtech conferences in 2024

Check out our curated list of the most important summits for 2024 in the Digital Health industry.

Doctor wearing high tech virtual reality goggles

The digital health sector has seen significant growth due to technological advancements over the past few decades. The heightened use of information and communication technologies in healthcare, including telehealth, mobile health, wearable devices, and medtech, is transforming the industry. These tools and solutions offer personalized care, improve access to healthcare, and reduced costs for patients and providers alike.

At Qubika, our teams regularly attend healthcare events and conferences to share and gather new insights – most recently for example, our experts spoke at HLTH 2023 (check out our recap video).

From February 25-28, our team will be participating in the ViVE healthcare conference in Los Angeles, as well as talking on the topic of designing and building UX-centric healthcare software. Find out more here, and if you”ll be attending, we’ll be delighted to meet.

Digital Health, Healthcare IT, & MedTech conferences

Last update: January 2024

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Elisabeth Bohlmann

By Elisabeth Bohlmann

Managing Director

Elisabeth is Managing Director at Qubika. When she isn't hard at work at Qubika, you can find her performing with her band, or at the park with her two shelter dogs, Coco & Simona.

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