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February 6, 2024

Safer Internet Day: Celebrating our role in a secure digital future

At Qubika, we’re proud to honor Safer Internet Day by sharing our journey in fostering safer and more positive online experiences across the globe. This day allows us to reflect on our commitment and ongoing efforts to make the internet a secure place for everyone.

The foundation of a safer internet: Data security

The bedrock of our approach to a safer internet lies in robust data security. We take immense pride in our dual-certification, boasting both SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 credentials. This stringent security framework doesn’t just minimize legal and regulatory risks; it’s a driving force for our continuous improvement and advancement.

Pioneering with our Cybersecurity Studio

Our Cybersecurity Studio plays a pivotal role in collaborating with organizations to bolster secure software development. We’re not just about building software; we embed security activities and controls into every phase of the development process. It’s our way of ensuring that safety is not an afterthought but a fundamental aspect of our digital solutions.

Secure software development life cycle

Fostering positive digital spaces

Our collaborations extend to creating enriching digital environments, especially for vulnerable groups like children and educators. We believe in the power of technology to transform learning and exploration into safe and enjoyable experiences.

Crafting stories with Vooks

In partnership with Vooks, we’ve crafted a unique digital journey. Our focus was to design a platform that’s not only secure but also enriching, enabling families to delve into the magical world of animated storytelling together. Read more about our work here.

A scalable, multi-device platform for Vooks

Rethinking ridesharing with safety

Our innovative approach also touched the realm of ridesharing. We’ve supported the development of a new data-driven app that connects families and institutions with trustworthy drivers. This service is specially designed to arrange safe transportation for children and seniors traveling alone, emphasizing our commitment to safety in every aspect of digital life.

Celebrating technology’s positive impact

This Safer Internet Day, we don’t just celebrate our achievements; we celebrate the potential of technology to create secure, enriching, and positive online experiences. It’s a testament to our vision of redefining industry standards and unlocking the full potential of modern digital services.
Join us in creating a safer digital future! If you have any inquiries or would like to explore how Qubika can contribute to enhancing the security of your digital presence, contact us today. Together, let’s make the internet a secure place for everyone.

michell mamrut

By Michell Mamrut

Cybersecurity Manager

Michell Mamrut is Qubika’s Cybersecurity Manager and a seasoned cybersecurity professional with over 12 years of experience. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering and has furthered his education with a postgraduate degree in cybersecurity. His expertise spans across secure development lifecycles, penetration testing, continuous monitoring, WAF, IDS, Cloud Security and much more.

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