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January 12, 2023

Building a powerful user interface with Creative Juice

Check out the work of our Product Design Studio for our client Creative Juice.

Building a powerful user interface with Creative Juice

Creative Juice is a financial services platform designed specifically for creators. They provide individuals from artists, to social media stars on YouTube and TikTok, the tools to manage their unique financial situation.

Creators, who are emerging as the next generation of small and medium-sized businesses in the US, face a significant challenge as there are currently few financial services tailored to their unique needs. They often have multiple revenue streams, and it can be difficult to keep track of their finances. Creative Juice addresses this challenge by providing a central platform where creators can view all of their revenue in one place and access useful features such as analytics and invoicing tools.

Our Product Design Studio partnered with Creative Juice to build a user interface that stands out from other banks and fintechs, and ensure a satisfying, smooth, and enjoyable customer experience.

It all starts with a consistent design system

The initial step consisted of building a consistent design system. With this we could iterate efficiently and effectively, particularly between designers and developers, and provide the basis for a visually consistent identity through the entire web-app.

Another key element to highlight, is the documentation and prototyping of complex design flows for the user interface. This meant that everyone, from the CEO to the engineering team, could easily understand how the customer should experience the app.

Creating a compelling UI that runs through the different features

Creating a user-friendly interface that highlights the key features of Creative Juice was a crucial element of our design work. Our work on the visual identity and user interface enable users to more easily enjoy some of the key features of the platform, which include:

Digital & physical cards. Creative Juice has a feature that allows its customers to easily distinguish between their physical and digital cards. Our design work helped bring this to life.

Creating a compelling UI that runs through the different features

Multiple accounts. People can create multiple accounts such as for tax, travel, emergency, and also split their business & personal expenses. Benefiting from a clear user experience, they simply choose a name and an avatar to get started. By separating their funds into different accounts, users can track their spending and reach financial goals.

Creating a compelling UI that runs through the different features

Send & track invoices. Creators can easily create and send invoices with an invoicing tool. The design helps streamline the process making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Creating a compelling UI that runs through the different features

Manage taxes. With a clear design and user interface, we’ve helped simplify the process of managing contractors and tax documents. Plus, users can pay contractors directly and use an automatic tool to create the 1099 form.

Creating a compelling UI that runs through the different features

Discover more about the work of our Product Design Studio.

And read the full Creative Juice case study on the Behance design platform.

guido kogan

By Guido Kogan

Product Designer

Lover of order and the generation of systems that improve productivity. Efficient, productive and versatile, Guido Kogan is a product designer at Qubika.

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