June 2, 2023

List of UX/UI and Design Thinking Conferences in 2023

Looking to inspire your designers and learn new techniques to enrich your product?

List of UX/UI and Design Thinking Conferences in 2023

With apps and platforms now being more complex and interactive than ever whilst consumers’ are rapidly becoming more and more demanding, executing UX/UI tactics allows entrepreneurs and companies not only to truly captivate their audiences and user bases but to also get a deeper understanding of who they are targeting.

With brand-new developments constantly taking place, events & conferences are the places to be when it comes to watching all these ideas materialize while benefiting from industry advice and knowledge spillover. At Qubika, these events allow our team to keep up-to-date with the latest Design news and current industry trends, alongside being inspiration incubators for our next projects.

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UX/UI and Design Thinking Conferences

Last update: June 2023

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enrique vignole

By Enrique Vignole

Tech Lead | Design Studio

Enrique is a Tech Lead of Design Studio at Qubika. While being passionate about disruptive design and product solutions at work, at home he enjoys crafting beautiful wooden artifacts and playing with his dog Apolo.

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